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GetPaid For Every Moment You're Online

GetPaid is a directory of programs that allow you to earn money easily at home.  Many companies are willing to pay you for any time you spend online.  These companies have programs that allow you to get paid to surf the net. AllAdvantage, GetPaid4, GoToWorld, and CashSurfers are a few such companies of which you may have heard. This page will direct you to over 50 of these companies with descriptions of each of them (their pay scale, restrictions, etc.) You can join as many of these programs as you like, and can run as many as you like on your screen at a time. This means you can easily make $7 to $10 per hour that you are online. Whatever you normally do on the web, now you can get paid for it! PLUS, these companies are also willing to pay you for any time anyone you refer spends online using these programs. If you refer 10 people, and they each refer 10 people, and those 100 people refer 10 more each, you would collect for the time all 1110 people OTHER THAN YOURSELF are online!  GetPaid will also give you tips on finding referrals, and if you want, provide you with a free webpage!

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Also, there are many companies that will give you products in return for letting them advertise to you while you use those products.  For example, broadcast TV is free because of the commercials (the advertisers foot the bill for the rest of us).  Some of these companies are willing to give you a free computer, free internet, or free DSL  if you register with them--and let them advertise to you while you use the product.  Click here to find out more about these and other offers.

As for the GetPaid programs, it's very easy to get paid to surf the net.  How does it work? When you join one of these programs they will ask you to download a viewbar (a viewbar is a banner sized bar (about 1 inch tall) that sits on the bottom of your screen and displays advertisements). From then on, whenever you are online you can turn the viewbar on, and as long as it is on, you get paid. Basically, the companies pay you to let them advertise to you while you are online. The viewbar takes up very little of your screen space, is rather unobtrusive, and again, you can turn it off with a click of the mouse. GetPaid will help you get started and choose which programs are right for you.

I am a medical student and use these GetPaid programs to help pay for my educational costs and still have money left over for fun things. There is real potential here for you to earn a lot of money! There is no risk, cost, or obligation (all of the programs are free to join and you can easily quit at any time). Give it a try! Now is your opportunity to get paid to surf the net!

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